The Skukum Lounge


The Skukum Lounge is Brisbane’s first bar within a bar – a tiny cabin located at the edge of the groovy alpine woods themed cocktail lounge beloved as The Junk Bar.

Poster of Swiss mountains, log cabin wallpaper and seating inside the Skukum Lounge bar inside the Junk Bar

And like all good cabins found deep in forests worldwide, The Skukum Lounge is the ideal live music venue, a place where patrons can shut themselves off from life and wallpaper trees and experience some great local talent in cosy intimate surrounds with snowy mountain views.

The cocktails, vinyl, hospitality and beehives are the same and the home away from home ambience carries over to what is destined to be Brisbane’s best kept secret music lounge in the unlikely breeding surrounds of Ashgrove suburbia.

Table and chairs next to vintage lamp and log cabin wallpaper inside The Skukum Lounge in Brisbane's Ashgrove

Nice to know: Icy blasts from the aircon make it a perfect summer retreat and overflow catchment from older sibling The Junk Bar.

The Skukum Lounge

215 Waterworks Rd


Opening Hours


215 Waterworks Rd Ashgrove

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