Goodtimes Gelateria

Howard Smith Wharves

Goodtimes Gelateria brings a colourful retro vibe and delicious gelato to the Howard Smith Wharves, nestled next to Betty's Burgers on The Fantauzzo side of the road.

Here's the perfect pitstop to pick up a fruity or creamy gelato (waffle cone or cup) and enjoy it overlooking the river on the Howard Smith lawns or waterfront steps.

Good Times Gelataria

Gelato flavours include refreshing pineapple and lemongrass; yellow peach and basil; tutti frutti, mandarin or blueberry or creamy Italian classics like cassata, crema bologne, tiramisu or straciatella.

There's also the option to top up from the wall taps with M & M's, sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.

Good Times Gelateria

Good Times Gelato also serve old-fashioned milkshakes (gelato-based) in metal containers or you can pick up some chilled kombucha or cartons of water from the fridge.

Goodtimes Gelateria

Howard Smith Wharves

5 Boundary St


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