Serendipity Farm Animal Centre

East Haldon


Serendipity Farm Animal Centre is a rescue farm in East Haldon that opens its doors on Sundays to visitors, offering a rare chance to get up close and personal with a variety of animals.

Goats, sheep, alpacas, horses, camels, ducks, pigs, miniature horses, guinea fowls and more are being cared for here. With celebrity names the likes of Elvis, Vivienne, George, Dorothy, Ken and Barbie, the animals are definitely the stars of the show. Whilst safe and well cared for now, each animal has its own story – and some are unbelievable.

A couple of lamas at the Serendipity Farm Animal Centre in Upper Brookfield

Surrounded by green hills and with plenty of room to roam, the animals of Serendipity now have happy lives. The Centre is run by Peri Bosscher, backed up by her Mum and Dad, Alison and Michael, both keen animal lovers. Peri also runs a mobile farm, visiting schools, kindergartens, preschools, birthday parties etc. All funds raised from the mobile farm go towards the running costs of the animal rescue centre.

Apair of pigs behind an enclosure

On Sundays Serendipity Farm Animal Centre will be throwing its gates open to the public, when city kids will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a wide range of animals, feed the pigs (and maybe a lamb) and if they're really lucky, collect some eggs. Keep an eye out for the very sociable Lagertha, the camel who loves to say hello and Tippy the little black piglet who is so small that wriggling under fences is a breeze. Baby goats, sheep and even a baby alpaca are sure to melt your heart - they're all just so cute. Not to be outdone, beautifully coloured, handsome roosters strut their stuff and keep a protective eye on their brood whilst large geese patrol their territory.

Lambs being fed a milk bottle

There is no entry fee to visit Serendipity Farm but donations will be gratefully received.  And donations needn't be cash.  Why not clean out the fruit and veg crisper, take a bag of apples or carrots or even a lettuce or two. Feed and vet bills are big expenses so any help at all is appreciated - any cash donations go back into the Centre.  Michael's Mum, Marj Bosscher has created beautiful paintings of the animals and these will be for sale at the opening, with all profits donated to the Centre. 

Fancy getting involved? Volunteers who would be happy to help with the many day to day duties at the Centre would be very welcome.

In a nutshell - Pay a visit to the Serendipity Farm Animal Centre and make the acquaintance of the Bosscher family and the resident animal characters who have come from as far south as Lismore, from Warwick in the west and Nambour in the north.  The fact that they have found their home here is, indeed, serendipitous.

Nice to know - Serendipity Farm Animal Centre Inc is a registered not-for-profit organisation.

By Sandy Ludinski

383 E Haldon Rd

East Haldon


383 East Haldon Rd East Haldon

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