Cabbage Patch Delicatessan


Cabbage Patch Deli is located in an unassuming roadside shed in Deagon, giving little clue to the virtual emporium of continental groceries and specialty deli that lies within.

Herein is the place to stock up on northern European staples - pickled vegetables including a generous range of sauerkraut, sauces, cheese, canned fish and dumpling mixes. From the Mediterranean there’s a decent array of pastas, spices, sauces, dried herbs, coffee and marinated vegetables.

George’s Cabbage Patch Delicatessen Deagon

Worth a look is the rustic deli room out back through the plastic curtain – as well as giant aged Parmesan wheels of around 40-50kg and olives to-die-for they stock a fantastic range of cured and smoked meats with Jamaican Rum salami (Bavarian), leberkase, smoked sausages, black pudding, paper thin Serrano Jamon, prosciutto, soppressa, coppa and lombo but a few of the offerings.

George’s Cabbage Patch Delicatessen Deagon

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Cabbage Patch Market

165 Braun St


Opening hours

3603 5104


165 Braun St, Deagon, Queensland

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