Take Me to the Candy Shop

El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina has released a bespoke candy flavoured Margarita line-up, Take Me To The Candy Shop until January 2nd.

El Camino fans can get to explore a rotating range of eight flavours, each with a candy-flavoured twist and edible candy garnishes.

With a fun flourish on the classic Rita, the eye-striking, lip-smacking flavour series ranges from popping pink to strikingly purple, bright red and lush green, in the following flavours: Squirm, Musk, Red Ripperz, Gummy Bear, Grape Nerd, Hubba bubba, Skittle and Marshmallow.

Served in El Camino’s famously frozen form and signature Cadillac style – with a luxurious float of Grand Marnier – guests can experience the sweet rush of Ritas like they’ve never tasted them before.

El Camino Cantina

153 Stanley St

South Brisbane 

2/45 King St

Bowen Hills

Until Jan 2

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