The Cube


The Cube, a must visit for young science fans, is one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces consisting of 48 multi-touch screens and soaring across two storeys in QUT's Science and Engineering Centre.

Here visitors can participate in explorative, inspired experiences in what is part science lab, part digital engagement hub.

Like its namesake there are 6 main sides or parts to The Cube's programme, which includes:

The Physics Observatory - Get zapped by a Tesla coil, change the gravity in the environment, drop weights from a great height and even find out how long light takes to travel across the Solar System in this game-like environment where all ages can engage in learning about physics.

Dino Zoo - Dino Zoo at The Cube is the closest you can get to the real thing, with life-sized dinosaurs that are the most scientifically accurate portrayals of these creatures in the world, The 'zoo' includes digital activities, an archaeological dig simulator, an interactive Earth timeline and more.

The Living Reef - Offers an extraordinary simulated underwater experience in which users engage with and learn about the reef’s ecosystem.

Plasma Wall Get up-close and personal with this fun and colourful interactive for all ages - a collection of abstract light and movement games to discover through the movement of your own body.

Code-A-Bot - This interactive digital game puts you in charge of programming robot workers to collect and sort rubbish, and improving the overall efficiency of a waste recycling plant.

The Retro Arcade - Take an ever-expanding trip down memory lane into 80s style games, revitalised and showcasing the mathematics behind each game.

The Cube


Gardens Point Campus

2 George St


Opening hours 



2 george st brisbane

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