Quest Room

South Brisbane

Quest Room is Brisbane’s newest escape room adventure, found in a nondescript building off the beaten path in South Brisbane (which only adds to the mystery and intrigue). 

Each room at Quest has been carefully designed to provide participants with a thrilling, immersive experience; from 19th century London to the lair of a lunatic.  

Quest Room

Travel back to 1885 in Sherlocked, stop criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty, and save innocent lives as a team of crack detectives working for Scotland Yard.

Quest Room

Escape the Jigsaw, inspired by the Saw horror movies, is a slightly scary escape experience, where players are captured by a maniac named Jigsaw. Work as a team to escape his evil den or die! 

In each escape adventure, teams (2 to 5 players) must use logic and imagination to find hidden clues, solve a series of puzzles and escape, within a set time limit of 1 hour. 

Need to know - The recommended age is 15+ for Sherlocked and 18+ for Escape the Jigsaw. Younger participants may play but must have adult supervision.


By Deb Lidster

Quest Room is a valued partner of Must Do

Quest Room

13 Cordelia St

South Brisbane

0449 995 176


13 Cordelia St South Brisbane