Tip Shop

Acacia Ridge

Those who venture out to the tip shop at Acacia Ridge on the weekend will be rewarded with a wonderland of reusable stuff.

Gone are the days of driving to a clearing in the bush and joining other treasure-seekers in fossicking through mountains of rusted unhygienic stuff. Operated by the Endeavour Foundation, the tip shops work hard to ensure discarded treasures are spared death row (i.e. the landfill).

Items find their way to the tip shops via one of Council's resource recovery centres and are sorted ahead of time by Endeavour and their team which includes members living with disability. Salvaged treasures are redirected to this tin monolith and hopefully adopted by the bargain-seeking general public. Residents on the northside are in luck as Endeavour also operates the tip shop's northern counterpart at Geebung. 

Tip Shop Acacia Ridge

If after big ticket items such as boats, spas, barbecues, bathtubs, sinks, armoires and modular lounges ($30), beds ($20),drum kits and pianos it may be an idea to hook up a trailer before coming as they’re all here for the dirt cheap taking.

Tip Shop Acacia Ridge

And that's just the tip of the tip! Books on all subjects, entire sets of Encyclopaedia Britannica included, clothes for all ages ranging from $1 negligees, belts and tees to $20 wedding gowns, ski boots, bicycles, kitchen wares, clearance store stock such as brand new soccer boots for $5, beauty cases and steamer trunks, VCRs, DVDs and CDs and garden pots - all are there to be snapped up.

Need to know - It's best to get to the tip shop first thing on the weekend (i.e. Saturday mornings) as sought after treasures get snapped up early.

46 Colebard St West

Acacia Ridge

Sat-Sun 8am-4pm


46 Colebard St West, Acacia Ridge, Queensland

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