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by QLD Food Wholesaler

Brisbane residents no longer have to visit the supermarket with this new next-day delivery service from one of Qld’s largest food wholesalers.

All groceries can now be delivered to the doorsteps of Brisbane residents, assisting those in self-isolation or unable to purchase much needed items due to the ongoing shortages.  

Quality Food and Beverages (QFB) has launched the home delivery service guaranteeing next day delivery using its existing fleet of over 30 trucks; bringing fresh produce straight to the doors of residents across Brisbane; from Greater Brisbane to Redlands, Caboolture to Yamanto and out to Upper Coomera. 

Of the 9000 lines that QFB offers, it has selected 480 initial products for this service, including popular items that are currently very difficult to source.

Available products include milk, meat, frozen foods, pasta and non-perishables; all of which supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have restricted purchases of.

All of the available products can be bought in small quantities or in bulk to ensure everyone’s needs are met, including those who expect to be inside their homes for months.

QFB’s CEO Frank De Pasquale said that by offering competitive prices and delivering in-demand items, this new service will greatly reduce the stress of having adequate food stock while abiding by social distancing guidelines.

“One of the biggest issues of the coronavirus outbreak is the increased demand for groceries, and the vulnerable, self-isolating people in our community are struggling to find the food they need to survive” Mr De Pasquale said.

“We want families and communities to be able to buy the quantities that they always have, or buy bulk amounts of groceries to share with the community, particularly those that can’t make it to the supermarket on a regular basis. 

“The current chaos at the shops and the limited supply of produce is causing a lot of stress and anxiety which we believe our service will significantly release,” he said.

Mr De Pasquale started QFB as a solo venture providing quality food and services to school canteens, and has since grown the business to employ more than 180 staff to service thousands of restaurants and cafes throughout Greater Brisbane.

QFB At Home will also be selling 5L hand sanitizers with empty bottles, allowing customers to decant the highly sought-after product for their friends and family.

Since quietly launching yesterday morning, QFB At Home has had 80-90 people online at any one time and has recorded many average orders of $300 per customer.  

Mr de Pasquale assures QFB At Home has the capacity to meet this increasing demand, with the intention of securing more employment opportunities in a time of much employment uncertainty. 

QFB At Home currently services communities in South-East Queensland but is looking to expand its deliveries to other regions struggling with grocery supply. 

Image:Brian Saharin, General manager

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