Rosalie School Of Arts


As part of the drive to improve the cultural, intellectual and social lives of the working and fledgling middle classes, most of whom had no access to theatre and could not afford books when there were no public libraries, Schools of Art had been popping up in communities since the 1800s. Essentially they constituted a reading room, book lending service and hall for public lectures and debate.

The Rosalie School of Arts, designed by builder W.Moody and City hall team hall & Prentice, was established in 1928 as the populace of Paddington spread into the valleys and hills around.

In its inaugural period it doubled as a commemorative hall for the World War I dead and over the ensuing years has played a major role in the community in its various guises including Rosalie Kindergarten from 1929-1935, a Buffalo Lodge and, between 1942 and 1957 the 300-seat Beverley theatre, showing films on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays.

It is best known, however, as the home of the Ithaca RSL who occupied the premises from 1946 through to 2005, after which it became a gym before today’s incarnation as a shoe hall.

Rosalie School of Arts 

Nash St



Nash St, Paddington, Queensland

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