APT10 Kids


APT10 Kids features seven fascinating projects by artists from across the Asia Pacific region across QAG and GOMA until April 25, 2022.

Children and their families can engage with these projects, which celebrate inclusion and diversity, through hands-on making and multimedia activities, artwork displays, and large-scale installations.

Children's Art Centre, GOMA

Park Level - Monad 2021 - Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wulan invites children to transform large-scale mandalas on the walls and floor by using colourful, magnetic blocks to create patterns, with the intention of providing a calming and meditative experience.

Park Level - Pattern Exchange - Australian artist of Vietnamese descent, Phuong Ngo focuses on the manufacture and use of cement tiles in Vietnam and children can explore these ideas with Phuong by creating their own tile pattern using a collage sheet.

Park Level - Make Visible  - In New Zealand artist Shannon’s project, children can express who they are and what makes them happy through a digital flag making activity, be immersed in a colourful artwork installation and watch a video in which primary school students discuss diversity, love and the importance of feeling safe.


Gallery 1.4 - Happiness and Desire 2021 - As a person with a hand difference, Thai artist Jamilah Haji worked with children in Thailand to create a drawing of something that makes them happy or that they wish for and visitors can view a selection of their works alongside drawings made by children in Brisbane who are connected to the Aussie Hands organisation. (from Dec 4)

Gallery 1.4 - Where Stories Roam 2021 - Gidree Bawlee Foundation of Arts have collaborated with children from Bangladesh to develop a puppet making activity, inspired by a poem about hybrid animals. Children can make a puppet of their own imaginary animal using paper shapes, and then record a performance. (from Dec 4)

Galley 1.4 Corridor -MUDAM.GI: URAMAT FIRE DRAWINGS 2021 - Children belonging to the Uramat clan, in Gualim (Papua New Guinea), and children from Noosa and Stanthorpe, have created drawings that explore their diverse experiences with fire and a selection of these are on display. (from Dec 4)

Queensland Art Gallery

Gallery 3 - Garden of Love - Thai–Australian artist Vipoo Srivilasa invites children to reflect on the people they miss the most by writing them a message or drawing their portrait on a flower template, then adding their flower to the garden to help it grow. Visitors can also dance along with the APT10 Kids mascot Dok Rak and friends as part of an animation (from Dec 4).

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APT10 Kids 


Stanley Place

South Brisbane

Until Apr 25, 2022


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