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Indimex in Milton has combined two of the greatest cuisines – Indian and Mexican, to create bold, unique and downright delicious dishes.

Located within the Milton Village Shopping Centre, Indimex is hard to miss with its colourful and vibrant décor. Dressed with Mexican and Indian wall murals, fairy lights and greenery, the atmosphere is very inviting. There are plenty of tables that can be configured for intimate dining or group dining, including bar seating at their bespoke tequila bar.

The menu is one you’ll ponder for a while, laden with all sorts of Indian and Mexican dishes. Indimex serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner, the restaurant has tapas dishes and main meals, as well as desserts and even a kid’s menu. A meal from their ‘Original and Signature Indimex Cuisine’ menu is definitely a must do, in which Indimex has taken traditional Mexican dishes and spun them with an authentic Indian twist. The Indimex Tacos with Garlic Prawns are a popular tapas dish from this menu.

For a main meal, try their Indimex Enchilada with your choice of chicken, vegetables, beef, lamb or seafood. The enchilada features two corn tortilla rolls with filling, chipotle sauce and grated cheese which is served with an Indian Biryani rice, black beans, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

Curry lovers rejoice, Indimex can make one killer curry, with your choice of meat (paneer, vegetables, prawn and fish, chicken, beef or lamb). With every Indian flavour under the sun, each curry can be adapted to suit your choice of heat. With the exception of the Vindaloo - which can’t be tamed; Indimex claim it is the hottest Vindaloo in town. 

Back to the tequila bar – Indimex has a huge range of tequilas on offer. With the goal of changing Brisbane’s perception of drinking tequila, Indimex stocks sipping tequilas and flavoured tequilas. Most of the tequilas have been imported from Mexico itself and are just waiting to be sipped in an Indimex tequila tasting.

Naturally, you can’t leave a tequila bar without trying out a frozen margarita.

Need to know –  Free two-hour parking is available in the car park out the front of the restaurant, with more underground parking available nearby.

Nice to know – There is another Indimex restaurant in Stones Corner.

 *Opening hours correct at time of visiting in December 2017.

By Zoe Kirby

Shop 17

26 Baroona Road


Mon-Fri 10 – 9.30*

Sat-Sun 8 – 9.30*


3367 2900


26 Baroona Road

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