The Doughnut Bar

Food Truck

The Doughnut Bar, Australia's first food truck dedicated to doughnuts, has hit the streets of Brisbane.  

A sibling for the Chocolate Komberry Co, the Doughnut Bar is dishing up delicious, handcrafted artisan doughnuts from a classic kombi.  

The Doughnut Bar Food Truck

Each edible delight has been created by hand, the old school way.  The rotating weekly menu will feature flavours like salted pretzel, Malteser and Hershey half melt - a signature doughnut dipped in  Hershey's Cookies n Creme chocolate and topped with pieces of dark chocolate chip cookies. 

You'll also be able to purchase croughnuts (half croissant/half doughnut) in a range of flavours such as strawberry tart, oreo and peanut butter brittle. 

To find out where the Doughnut Bar will be popping up next, check their Facebook page.  

by Deb Lidster

The Doughnut Bar

Food Truck

Various Locations


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