Carl's Jr Burgers

Redbank Plains

Famous American burger chain Carl's Jr Burgers brings a decadent taste of California to Redbank Plains.

Having started started out as a hot dog stand in 1941, Carl's Jr Burgers has grown in popularity ever since, spreading its wings across America and now opening its first store in Queensland.

Carl's Jr Burgers, Redbank Plains

Known as the place to sample a double western bacon cheeseburger, jalapeno thickburger, or a guacamole bacon thickburger, the fare at Carl's Jr is not for the faint-hearted.

Carl's Jr Burgers, Redbank Plains

Some of the sweet indulgences on offer are chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, and hand scooped ice cream shakes (choose from oreo, vanilla or strawberry).

Breakfast is also a treat here with the hearty breakfast platter (scrambled eggs, hash rounds, bacon and pancakes) and pancake bacon platter among the local favorites.

Nice to know - Carl's Jr Burgers is located within The Foodary complex where there is plenty of parking onsite.

In a nutshell - Indulge in juicy, chargrilled classic American burgers and fries, followed by hand-scooped ice-cream shakes.

By Lucy Hordern

Carl's Jr Burgers

Foodary Complex

588 Redbank Plains Rd

Redbank Plains

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588 Redbank Plains Rd Redbank Plains

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