Carraway Pier Fish & Chips

Kelvin Grove

This spick’n’span eatery has to be one of the best value fish’n’chip outlets around, which may have something to do with the high volume of students who fraternize the village.

Not only do all fish meals – a generous serve of well-cooked fish with crispy beer battered chips and salad – come in at well under $20, but the quality is consistently good.

Meantime the salads – Greek, garden or Caesar - are relatively fresh and don’t skimp on ingredients.

For those weary of fish’n’chips, the great value specials include grilled cod on toasted Turkish, BLT on thick white toast with beer battered chips or smoked salmon on toasted panini.


Carraway Pier

8/17 Carraway St

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Opening hours


3839 7698


17 Carraway St, Kelvin Grove, Queensland

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