Casa Italia

New Farm

Originally started as a meeting place in New Farm for post war migrants from Italy, Casa Italia club/restaurant still provides that service as well as being a lively no frills place to enjoy cheap Italian eats and drinks.

The dining room is a large cavernous tiled grotto with Italian maps and movie posters adorning the walls and a ceiling featuring a mirror ball.


Casa Italia

Food-wise, the basic pasta and pizza menu items are under $20 and come in copious portions. (Ex-Sydney dwellers who recall the East Sydney cheap eats institution No Name’s will find much in common here).

This is a fantastic place for a cheap night out for large groups and families with the bonus of a courtyard outside for children to play, swift service, room to move between the tables and a pool table and a table soccer game for afters.

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Casa Italia

26 Gray St

New Farm


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26 Gray St, New Farm, Queensland

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