Tarbouche Mezza Bar

West End

Tarbouche Mezza Bar is a cool subterranean Middle Eastern restaurant and bar on a bustling street corner of South Brisbane.

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

Offering a wide range of traditional dishes as well as Middle Eastern flavoured cocktails, family-owned Tarbouche is the go-to for everything from drinks and mezze to lunch or dinner, with, on weekends, live music and dancing.

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

The extensive food menu offers a wide range of traditional dishes, starting with delicious home-made dips, Shangleeseh (feta cheese with herbs & spices); Mujadera (rice cooked with lentils); Fried or Pumpkin Kebbeh; Sfina (minced lamb with parsley, tomato, onion, capsicum, herbs & spices); Meat or cheese Sambousek (deep fried pastry pockets); Sujuk (spicy pan fried Lebanese sujuk) and Makanek (Lebanese sausage).

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

There's also falafel, arnabeet (lightly fried cauliflower with tahini sauce); batata harra (seep fried potato tossed with coraincder, chilli paste, garlic and lemon juice); moussaka or hommus (awarma or shawarma).

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

Main dishes are largely from the traditional grill and include chicken, beef or mixed shawarma; lamb or kafta platter; shish tawook (marinated chicken skewers with fattoush, rice and garlic sauce); samak harra (marinated barramundi, cooked tahini sauce with rice and fattoush) or vege plate (hommus, labne, tabouli, cheese samsusek, felafel and fatayer) as well as a vegan plate.

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

There are also platters to share, including a very generous standard or vegetarian platter for 2; a  Tarbouche Shawarama Chicken or Beef Tower as well as a Deluxe Lebanese banquet (for a minimum of 3 people).

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

There's also a small selection of traditional sweets such as rice pudding; creme brulee; namoura (semolina, shredded coconut, rose water & sugar syrup) or a mixed Lebanese sweets platter.

Tarbouche Mezze Bar West End

Need to know - There is limited metered onstreet parking available nearby. You'll find Tarbouche opposite Billykart Kitchen.

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Tarbouche Mezza Bar

56 Boundary St

South Brisbane

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