Sooo Sweet

Slacks Creek

Sooo Sweet is a hidden gem of a Lebanese bakery tucked away in Slacks Creek serving traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean pastries and delicacies.  

Sooo Sweet Slacks Creek

Open daily until late, customers can dine-in and enjoy a sweet treat or two with a well-brewed cup of coffee or take-away with little packages of pastries ready to grab and go.


If you have time, you can peruse the vast selection of sweets on offer with trays upon trays of delicious pastries on display. Order one or one kilo. All treats are made fresh on-site daily including what is arguably Brisbane’s best baklava.

Besides baklava, there are mouth-watering maamul (Arabic biscuits filled with pistachios, walnuts or dates), namoura (semolina slices), znouds (deep fried filo pastries filled with chocolate and kashta cheese) and so much more. 

If you’re unsure what to order, just ask one of the friendly staff members.    

In a nutshell - A southside Lebanese patissserie worth visiting for the baklava alone.

By Deb Lidster

Sooo Sweet

254 Kingston Rd

Slacks Creek

Opening hours

3209 1100

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