Taro’s Ramen

South Brisbane

Taro’s Ramen located down Melbourne Street in South Brisbane, is changing up the way we do ramen – with big bowls of MSG-free broth that’s customised to suit your taste.

The corner restaurant is filled with booth seating, bar seating and dining tables – suitable for large groups of ramen lovers, or intimate dinner dates for two. Its Japanese influence is evident throughout the venue, with Japanese font on decorative wall hangings and bamboo furniture.

Food is ordered from your table with an iPad, where you can select your choice of ramen from 10 different types. Their most popular order being the Tonkotsu Ramen, which is a creamy pork bone broth with thin straight noodles, topped with charsiu, egg, shallots, seaweed and garlic oil. You can customise any of these ramen dishes to suit your exact tastes and preferences. Whether that be less noodles, more salt, extra chilli, extra seaweed – if you want it you can get it, making your bowl of ramen just that – yours.

There are pages of side dishes that you can order if you’re feeling extra hungry, or perhaps you would like a few share plates between friends. Another popular dish at Taro’s is their pork gyoza. There is also a small dessert menu.

To quench the thirst there are beers, wine, soft drinks, tea and traditional Japanese beverages such as Sake and Plum Wine.

Need to know – Limited street parking is available nearby. Takeaway is also available.

Nice to know – Taro’s Ramen has other restaurants in Brisbane CBD and Ascot.

By Zoe Kirby

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154 Melbourne Street

South Brisbane

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154 Melbourne Street

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