Amiee Angel Bubble Tea


In a tiny space strictly vegetarian Amiee Angel manages to incorporate a tea house (a range of bubble teas in fruit and nut flavours – pearl or no pearl), noodle joint and all with a smattering of street food and sweets.

Drop in (as the lunch time hordes so) for a refreshing tea, a steaming bowl of sour soup noodles or eggplant or vegie (mock) duck noodles. Otherwise try a tasty mock beefsteak and rice or some of the tasty street snacks (the stand-out being the crispy taro and sweet potato rolls, lemon grass tofu and rice paper rolls).

On Saturdays Amiee cooks up traditional Vietnamese pancakes for breakfast – savoury vegetable flour crepe with turmeric rice.

Amiee Angel Bubble Tea

Inala Civic Centre

8/57 Corsair Ave

Inala, Brisbane

Mon-Sat 8.30-3

Cash Only

3879 2422


57 Corsair Ave, Inala, Queensland

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