Smokey Moo


Smokey Moo in Newstead is where meat lovers go to feast on smoked beef perfection, from pastrami and brisket to beef cheeks and meaty ribs.  

Located overlooking the leafy gardens at Gasworks Plaza, the popular barbecue restaurant is owned and operated by husband and wife, Shalom and Wensley Bitton, with the French-trained chef, Shalom, carving up mouth-watering meats that literally fall off the bone.  

All of the meat is sourced locally from farmers, then smoked low and slow in-house over wood chips like macadamia or olive, while the eatery's next-level pastrami is cured for three weeks. In addition, all the sauces are made on-site, from Smokey Moo's signature bbq reduction jus, and house-made ranch sauce to hot butter sauce - fermented hot chilli sauce, butter and maple syrup. 

Entrees include cheese and jalapeno bread, fried pickle stix and reuben hot tubs (halved potato skins filled with sauerkraut, mustard, shredded pastrami and liquid Swiss cheese). Otherwise, there's crispy potato skins, pulled beef cigars (pastry filled with pulled beef), and jalapeno bullets (cream cheese balls filled with jalapenos and three-cheese mix, served on fresh pineapple salsa). 

Smoked meat is the main attraction here though, offering lip-smackin' signature dishes, platters piled with meat and beef by the weight. Smokey Moo's stand out signature dish is The Dirty Dozen - four carved meats (beef cheek, brisket, pastrami and ribs) served with golden fries topped with caramelised onion, a trio of cheeses (Monterey Jack, American cheddar and Tex-Mex Queso Quesedilla), mustard, tomato sauce and Smokey Moo jus

Smokey Moo is child-friendly providing a meal For The Little Boots that consists of one meat of their choice served with chips and a drink, and includes a fun, activity pack. 

The eatery even caters to vegans with a smoked tofu cob salad with sticky sweet ginger and sesame dressing, or a smoked pumpkin and pickled beetroot salad with tri-colour quinoa and tangy lemon lime dressing. 

To wet your whistle, there's craft beer including Stone & Wood and Moo Brew, as well as a carefully curated wine list that includes an array of wine from Australia and around the globe. 

In addition, there's mocktails for when you're feeling fancy but don't want a dusty head in the morning, such as Shootin' the Breeze (apple, lime,  ginger ale and mint), Smokey Bumblebee Margarita (pineapple, chilli syrup, lime, black salt and smoke) or Jolly Jack's Watermelon Tonic (blended watermelon, strawberry, grapefruit juice and grenadine).

As for cocktails, there are delectable concoctions like Miracle Elixir (Smirnoff vodka, Fiorente Elderflower liqueur, lime juice, syrup and mint), Saloon Spritz (strawberry- infused Aperol, Prosecco, soda, strawberry and orange), and Smokey Old Fashioned - made with Bulleit 95 American Rye Whiskey, smoked with wood chips, served in an apothecary bottle to pour over a glass garnished with a lemon twist and house-made maraschino cherry. 

Smokey Moo is a valued partner of Must Do

Smokey Moo

Gasworks Plaza

68 Longland St


Opening hours


3148 2665


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