Woodlands Of Marburg Country Inn


Woodlands of Marburg Country Inn, with its 360 degree views of the Marburg Valley, is the place for an elegant weekend escape to the country, with its own charming restaurant, tennis court and pool onsite.

This historic and elegant mansion, surrounded by jacarandas and bunya pines, sits regally atop a ridge and is a stunning reminder of a bygone era. Spacious rooms are high-ceilinged, with gorgeous old world decor and thoroughly modern amenities, with 4 executive suites and 10 deluxe suites available. There is also the option of budget accommodation at another building onsite, Bunya House Dormitories.

Facilities include a swimming pool, tennis court and onsite restaurant The Sugarmill Restaurant, which offers a fine dining experience within cedar panelled walls and under crystal chandeliers on Friday and Saturday nights (also available to non-guests). Also occupying another building in the grounds is Tommy Smith Cafe, which features sweeping views and opens on Friday/Saturday nights for delicious Indonesian meals.

Woodlands of Marburg

History of Woodlands:

The land which Woodlands occupies was purchased in 1870 and was originally the site of a saw mill. In 1890 the mansion was built on the property and became home to the Smith family. Throughout the years the estate has had a diverse history, with many unique characteristics from days gone by still evident. In 1885, the Woodlands estate was the first of its kind to install electricity - even before Parliament House in Brisbane. Further endeavours saw a sugar mill and later, a rum distillery established on the property.

View of fields through pine trees

In 1905, amidst drought and depression, the estate faced bankruptcy and was put up for a three day fire sale. No buyers were found at the time and the property, sadly, languished. In 1944 a Dutch missionary order, the Order of the Divine Word, purchased Woodlands. The mansion was used for convalescing missionaries evacuated from New Guinea during the Second World War. In 1946, it became St Vincent's Missionary Seminary and during this time the buildings of Woodlands were renovated and a grotto, cemetery and a half size Olympic pool (dug by hand by the priests and brothers) were added to the estate. Ipswich Grammar School purchased the property in 1986, later selling it to the Cooper family (in 2002) who thankfully opened the estate to the public and began restoring it to its former glory.

Woodlands of Marburg's district views

This beautifully restored property is now used for conferences, corporate events, fine dining, romantic escapes and weddings. In 2006 a heritage listed chapel was moved from the town of Marburg to Woodlands and now sits beside the lush grotto. The chapel was originally opened in 1882 as the Church of St Boniface in Tallegalla - Marburg.

Old chapel

A large swimming pool keeps guests cool on days when the sun scorches the countryside and keen tennis players will be happy to know that tennis courts are also included on this estate.

There's so much history associated with Woodlands of Marburg that a visit here really is a Must Do item. The surrounding countryside and views over the valley to the mountains are breathtaking, so don't forget the camera. 

Nice to know: Day tours of the grounds and Devonshire Teas are also on offer.

By Sandy Ludinski

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Woodlands of Marburg

174 Seminary Rd


5464 4777


174 Seminary Rd Marburg

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