Sacred Heart Catholic Church


On a site that’s hosted its fair share of churches, this red and cream GHM Addison designed landmark church was built in 1918 as the third in twenty years for the Sisters of Mercy who’d infiltrated the area to teach children.

In order to make room for it the original little 1898 timber church was moved to the nearby Herbert estate as extra teaching space and the church that had replaced it in 1907 stayed put nearby and was swallowed up into the school too, leaving this grand edifice as the place of worship to this day.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Paddington and Paddington district views

In the 1920s the whole site and surrounds were acquired by all-conquering Archbishop Duhig for the Marist Brothers and a monastery was built in 1928 alongside school buildings. The school remained here until its closure at the end of 2007.

Sacred Heart

Catholic Church  

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