Gastronome European Deli & Cafe


Gastronome European Deli and Café is a secret little slice of Europe in Capalaba - a cross between a cafe and mini- European supermarket.

Offering products from more than 25 European countries including Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Croatia and Italy, Gastronome is also the place to enjoy coffee, tea, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, soups and more.

Gastronome Cafe Deli

One of the most popular cafe dishes is Pelmeni, an eastern European dumpling that is similar to Italian ravioli. The Pelmeni have a variety of interesting fillings from meat to vegetarian and vegan options.

Gastronome Deli Cafe Capalaba

The deli offers a variety of cured meats, seafood, and delicacies such as: bratwurst sausages, salami, prosciutto, bream, smoked mackerel, chehon fish, salted herring, black truffle butter, caviar, foie gras and duck pate.

Gastronome European Deli Cafe

Cooks will feel like they are in heaven as the wooden shelves are stocked with a seemingly endless variety of herbs, spices, pickled/ stuffed vegetables, grains and seeds, vinegars, oils and more. There are also many different herbal teas, juices, jams and dairy products such as kefir milk and cheeses and a fantastic selection of sweet stuff including biscuits and chocolates.

Gastronome European Deli Cafe

For adults, there is a large selection of European wine, beer and spirits to choose from, including cherry wine and Polugar which is also known as the father of vodka and brother of whiskey.  

Gastronome European Deli Cafe

There are also some unique gifts available in the store such as the traditional handmade dolls and plush toys.

In a nutshell - With staff that are warm and radiating welcoming European hospitality, this deli and café is a must stop shop for speciality European food, alcohol and gifts. 

By Ellie Martinez

Gastronome Deli & Cafe

Capalaba Shopping Centre

Shop 7/38-62 Moreton Bay Rd


Opening hours

3420 4061

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