Madders Brothers Patisserie

Jamboree Heights

Madders Brothers Patisserie is a definite "must do" - a buried treasure in a suburban street of Jamboree Heights.

Owners of Madders Brothers Patisserie, brothers Luke and Paul describe their product as "edible artistry" and that's exactly what it is.The stunning range of petit fours on display is almost too good to eat, making a visit here a visual pleasure as well as being a treat for the tastebuds. Pretty morsels in beautiful colours and creatively clever designs make it almost impossible to choose just one. And the beauty of these petit fours is that they are miniature treats, which means you can have more than one and enjoy sampling different taste sensations. 

Pastries on display inside Madders Brothers Patisserie in Jamboree Heights

The variety here is overwhelming - in the nicest possible way. Tim Tam cheesecake, coconut and caramel steamed pudding, salted caramel tart, lavender cheesecake and mini macaroons are just the beginning. And for the traditionalists - lamingtons in original chocolate or for something a little more adventurous they also come in caramel, raspberry or passionfruit flavours. There's good news for those requiring gluten free options too, with this range including several G/F offerings.

The Jamboree Heights business consists of a wholesale business and a sleek patisserie where customers can indulge in something sweet and also enjoy a 100 per cent Colombian Calima coffee. The patisserie's interior boasts charcoal walls, copper lighting, wicker furnishing and a very impressive display of cookery books. The absolute stars of the show here, however, are those colourful little gems that literally shine in the display cabinet.

Madders Brothers Patisserie Jamboree Heights

The brothers have spent many an hour researching their product and ensuring that they offer a point of difference, resulting in a product that can't be found anywhere else in Brisbane. A qualified pastry chef, Paul trained in five star hotels both in Australia and internationally. He has mentored Luke and they are wowing the crowds with their amazing range of tiny desserts.

Those who have enjoyed a high tea at Customs House may be familiar with their delicacies. The rather humble brothers have been pastry consulting to high end customers for several years and have definitely got the WOW factor down to a fine art. 

Patries on a plate

Everything is made on site - including pastry, jellies, tiny ginger men, delicate flowers and stunning chocolate decorations. Madders Brothers Patisserie wholesales to cafes and high end establishments. The business also offers a catering service for private and/or special occasions.

When asked what they loved about their craft, Paul modestly answered that it was the emotional response that people had to their product they both loved. 

Madders Brothers Patisserie Jamboree Heights

In a nutshell - This patisserie paradise really is a well kept secret but it's only a matter of time before the secret is out - check it out and your tastebuds will thank you.

By Sandy Ludinski

Madders Brothers Patisserie

30 Guide St

Jamboree Heights

Opening hours

3376 1101


30 Guide St Jamboree Heights

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