Best Northside Breakfasts In Brisbane

When it comes to a leisurely and deliciously fresh breakfast, these cafes are the go to locations on Brisbane's northside. At each of the following cafes, the coffee is top notch and the menu options are endless with salted caramel pancakes, sweet corn, feta and quinoa fritters, haloumi stacks, and the classic eggs benedict among the breakfast choices:

Blackwood Espresso Bar

This popular cafe is an ideal spot to enjoy a weekend al fresco breakfast. They serve Elixir coffee and have a huge range of sweet and savory treats, with the salted caramel pancake stack as a stand out...more

Nundah Corner Cafe

This relative new kid on the block has upped the breakfast stakes in Nundah with dishes like the hearty Winter Bean Bowl, Eggs Ben-addictive (with potato gratin) and the breakfast of champigons...more

Farmhouse Cafe

Decked out like a rustic farmhouse in the middle of Kedron, this café serves delicious breakfasts such as shakshuka skillet, breakfast gnocchi and ricotta hotcakes made with locally sourced ingredients...more


The vibe at BLVD is fun and up beat, as are the food and drinks. For breakfast, they serve house made Bircher muesli with Greek yoghurt and fresh strawberries along with fresh pastries and a popular potato and cheese hash...more

Colour Nine Cafe

This suburban cafe is perfect for sitting and enjoying a Beancraft coffee and pastry,  Red Velvet pancakes or Sri Lankan Dahl with coconut sambal, fried egg and cobb. Breakfast sitting under their outdoor umbrellas is definitely a great way to start the day...more

Fuel & Co.

Look out for the All Day breakfast at Fuel & Co. Try the veggie bowl with a side of haloumi or the pancakes with grilled banana and salted caramel ice-cream, while well kids can enjoy inventive milkshakes, such as Cherry Ripe or Choc-Peanut Butter...more

Kitchen 8

The All Day Breakfast menu at Kitchen 8 features the K8 Big Brekky, the Breakfast Burger and Brioche French Toast among other favorites. The focus of the cafe is fresh, local produce, including organic meats and hand selected cheeses, which explains why the food tastes so good...more

Low Road Cafe

Things are a little bit tropical and tiki at Low Road Cafe, including breakfast. They serve a mean cup of coffee or you can enjoy a hair-of-the-dog beer or wine with out of this world Smashed Avocado Brunch and Creme Brulee with fresh fruit ...more

Nana & Da's

There are plenty of folks enjoying the atmosphere and the breakfasts at Nana & Da's renovated bakehouse these days. Some of their tasty breakfasts are Pancakes with grilled figs, prosciutto, pistachio, maple and ice-cream or Market Fritters on lime & coriander yoghurt...more

Petrichor & Co.

A little taste of Colombia for breakfast is always a good way to start the day. Petrichor & Co. focus on organic, vegetarian food, serving Calentado (Colombian bubble and squeak), Thyme & garlic Roasted Mushrooms and power seed almond milk porridge with poached pear and berries...more

Putia Fine Food

It is hard to beat the Putia Big Breakfast enjoyed while sitting beneath the shady Poinciana tree. Other wholesome breakfasts currently on the menu at Putia include cornbread waffles with chorizo and pulled pork, buckwheat pancakes with summer fruit compote, and Middle Eastern spiced mushrooms with potato flatbread...more

Shambhala Espresso

Shambhala Espresso's menu changes with the seasons, however consistent breakfast favorites at this cute Wooloowin cafe are house made granola bowls, reubens, bagels, and roasted mushrooms with garlic butter...more

Toasted Cafe

Toasted is the epitome of breakfast destinations, with each table equipped with it's very own toaster. However, DIY toast is not the only great thing about Toasted Cafe - they also serve excellent Campos coffee and sweet corn, feta and quinoa fritters...more

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