Rocks Riverside Park

Seventeen Mile Rocks

The cement works adjacent to the entrance at first seem incongruous to Riverside Rocks Park, a superb green expanse bordered by a hill of towering gums and sandstone rocks on one side and a glassy serene river on the other.


Yet the park itself was once the site of a thriving coral crushing works and scattered throughout are giant industrial relics from the era, gothic skeletons of an extinct industry.

This is well worth planning a day trip for as besides the extraordinary setting, the park has been master planned and designed to keep children (and adults) entertained for hours.

Divided into sections, the park features a sizable aquativity centre, a living edible garden as a nod to its farming days, a zig zag hill climb and an immaculate lawn for ball play, walk and bike paths as well as playgrounds for both older and younger offspring.

Come lunchtime or late afternoon, sleek modern picnic pavilions are dotted throughout, all with shiny gas barbecues. Some ar on the river and most can accommodate large groups for family get togethers and parties.

Need to know - There is a free onsite car park. Rocks Riverside Park also has a wide riverfront path connecting it to Sinnamon Park and the Western Bike Trail perfect for a walk or bike ride.

Rocks Riverside Park  

5 Counihan Rd

Seventeen Mile Rocks


5 Counihan Rd, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland

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